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If you live in Colorado you know just how extreme the weather can be. Like many people, you worked hard to find that perfect house and maintaining it is task number one. I'm not talking about the monthly bills that you have to pay. Sure, those are really important, BUT I'm talking about those things it takes to make you home safe to live in. Most people focus on those things they see every day like walls, floors, kitchens, and baths. Making sure they are livable and functional and that's great. Pueblo roof repair experts say many homeowners forget about maintaining their roof since it's not something they see every day. It falls into that out of sight out of mind category. As you know things like that always suffer the most and will cost you more.

Since you are probably not a roofing expert, here's a couple things for you to get an idea of how your roof might be doing. First, your shingles are super important. If they are missing, cracked or curling, you have roof damage!

Missing shingles are most time results of strong winds. When wind speeds pick up enough they can start to loosen up shake and asphalt shingles. You may notice shingles or other parts of your roof on the ground. Also, if you live near a lot of trees overhanging tree limbs can scrape the surface of your roof and damage its protective top layer. And, if branches end up falling onto your roof that can cause problems too.

Your shingles are meant to withstand a lot of elements, but we often see roof damage from Hail. You've seen baseball sized hail crack windshields and damaged cars, but it can also cause a lot of damage to your roof. Hail will not always cause immediate damage. Hail impact may cause latent damage that can, over time, resulting in premature aging of the shingles. Without obvious visual damage, there is no real way to be sure how much, if any, damage shingles have encountered. Latent damage caused by hail or severe weather may not be apparent until months or years later and may cause the shingles to age prematurely.

Lastly, those curled shingles. One of the most common causes of curling shingles is age. Simply put, your roof just might be too old. If you have an asphalt roof that was done more than 12-15 years ago, and the shingles are curling, it's probably time to get it re-roofed. You can also see curling shingles with poor attic ventilation or shingles that weren't installed properly. If all this is completely overwhelming and you just want to make sure your roof is safe now and forever. We encourage you to get your roof inspected today. Black N White roofing & Exteriors has had the pleasure of restoring many roofs back to a safe condition and look forward to making yours safe as well!

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